Friday, December 11, 2009

Ramses II stripped of his jewels OMG!!

Ramses II was stripped of his jewels(as you can see from the picture above) probably stolen from grave robbers(must of been some crappy people to steal from a king if you ask me). The first people how were excavators(don't really know what that means, it sound like some people though, makes me sound smart).When they found it, it was fully bandaged, labelled with a record of the kings reburial(cool ,dead body with bandages YAY!! Dead people).

Ramses II wife Nefertari burial

Ramses II favorite wife Nefertari(probably Ramses favorite wife because she was probably HOT!!) was buried in the Valley of the Queens so its like the opposite of Valley of the Kings. Nefertari was the most beautiful out of Ramses II wife( i was right). Of course she was mummified like any other Egyptian.
Nefertari tomb had more than decoration. They were magical depictions of the ritual necessary for achieving everlasting life in the nether world(now that's an extreme makeover!!!!)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Buried in a Valley

Ramses II ( like all new kingdom Pharaohs) was buried in the Valley of the Kings ( the valley just looks like a bunch of dirt hill to me). Ramses was in awesome looking rectangular entrances that line the footpaths that crisscross some dirt road(or the book called it a branch of the valley of the kings, why do the books have to be all technical). Ramses was mummified like all other people in Egypt exept he got the royal mummification with the jewels and the amulets( I wonder if Ramses had a gold chain to look gangster).

Monuments of Ramses II

Ramses II had so many monuments of himself because people thought he was all things to all people(I wish i was all things to all people that mean I could command them to do my homework). Like I said in the last post, he was a war hero, conqueror, and peacemaker in his worldly role Pharaoh. Ramses II incorporated the many facets of his persona in the most enduring legacy of his lengthy reign!! Ramses just should of passed the torch a lot earlier if you ask me. Ramses II had a constuction program of palaces,temples, and stauary that spread his name( I feel sorry for the people who built all those monuments, they must of hated Ramses).

Ramses II impact on Egypt

Ramses II mostly had a good impact on Egypt because he was a war hero, conqueror, and peacemaker(how can you be a peacemaker and a war hero at the same time?? So its like you kill people and you make peace with them.) Ramses also fulfilled the countries spiritual needs in his role as intermediary between subjects and gods. Also he had over 30 monuments(the people who were building his monuments must of hated him because of the back breaking labor) of himself.

Blog visitor response question #2

Does any body know exactly how Ramses II died?
Is there anything on the body that shows how he died or did he just die of old age?

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How was Ramses II a war hero even though he was a king?
Do kings fight in wars?

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